The jetpeller

powerful – thrust augmentation at take-off and balanced performance throughout the flight mission

noiseless – noise cancelling and damping of the ducted configuration

safe – rotor blade containment casing

simple – a robust design and a small outer diameter for ease of integration into the aircraft

certifiable – a standard design compliant with international rulemaking

scalable – over a factor of ten or more in thrust and can jetpel aircraft from the ultralight class to 19 seaters

The JETPEL powertrain

feasible since it uses an aircraft fuselage-internal energy conversion platform clearly separated from and complementary to the jetpeller

emission free – through a hydrogen fuel cell

rational – in using battery energy only for ultrashort take-off boost

practical – since a certified MoGas/AvGas piston-engine powerplant bridges the hydrogen technology and certification time gap on the same platform

failsafe – through the twin-engine platform

modular – since fully-electric, parallel hybrid-electric, and MoGas/AvGas engine components are placed on the same platform