The JETPEL engine

enables Urban and Regional Air Mobility to grow – since it is 500 times more silent than today’s engines and including an associated air traffic growth rate will remain within the acceptance level of the airfield residents

is fun to fly – the jet engine performance is great!

is a high-technology product – invented and developed by researchers, designed by engineers, partnered with OEMs, and serving as a first step towards sustainable 100-seater-plus aircraft

complements the propeller and turbofan engines – with their suitability in other application segments

empowers a multitude of aircraft – ranging from the ultralight to 19 seater class

JETPEL products and engineering services

engines and components – we provide custom designed and manufactured total engines, jetpellers, or electrical and mechanical engine components

design and engineering – we support our customers with our extensive experience in engineering, analysis, design, and consulting – for instance with other engine and aircraft companies, rule makers, as well as research institutions

testing and validationwe have powerful infrastructure and engineers at hand