JETPEL – we make you fly!

We provide the power and thrust for your aircraft. And the fun of jet flight!

Experience our jetpeller on the test bench of our cooperation partner Institute of Jet Propulsion and Turbomachinery, RWTH Aachen University

The jetpeller thrust through a ducted jet
It drives forward by a uniform jet air stream through its thrust nozzle. In contrast, a propeller drives (latin “pellere”) forward (latin “pro”) by its separated rotating airfoils

The JETPEL engine sustainable
An emission free hydrogen fuel cell powers the engine and the noiseless jet jetpels the aircraft

The JETPEL engine – economical
The engine is profitable for the operator and the jetpelled flight is affordable for the passenger

The JETPEL engine – realistic
Physics, science, and competence are the engineering basis

The JETPEL team – engineers your product

Are you just propelled or are you already jetpelled?

Let us jetpel your aircraft or your business!